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Pilates ProcessTM Teacher Training

Pilates ProcessTM Teacher Training is recognized by the Government of Canada as a Certified Educational Institution.

Pilates Process training is thorough and complex.  Apart from teaching essentials we focus on developing teachers who adapt to the learning styles and personalities of their clientele.  The art of teaching requires an eye for detail, exceptional two way communication skills and an understanding of how and why we teach what we teach.  The Pilates Process incorporates creative and diverse methods of teacher training that develop these abilities and aims to inspire their continued development through an entire teaching career.

The teacher training courses are in depth, intensive – and fun!  Be prepared to do homework and practice between sessions.

The Pilates Process Training is held regularly at Pilates Process Toronto, and Pilates Process Vancouver.


Pilates Process™ Education Courses


For more information please e-mail sean@pilatesprocess.ca

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